the big f—in’ deal: more ruminations on the healthcare law

The highlights from my response to a concerned, conservative friend:

The bill is bad. I can’t imagine a 2000-page monstrosity that could not be.

The Rabid Right will not change the Rabid Left’s mind or vice versa. The Left screams heartless while the Right screams naive. Neither is true, and neither fixes the problem. If you insist on educating, start by eliminating the useless.

This bill does move the entrenched positions that have existed on healthcare for … 50 yrs? Obama was right to accuse the then Republican majority of doing nothing on the issue for the last 10 years. This law will not look the same in 2 yrs or 10 yrs as it does today, but people need to see the negative effects, intended and non.

What changes today? The elimination of private insurance for school loans (WTF?) Not healthcare. Maybe moving in the wrong direction, but eliminates an industry that while private seemed to just be a subsidy leach. meh.

Young people stay on parents’ insurance til 26? Scariest thing here is the federal mandate part of it – the big government element is surreal on all this. Should remain a state reg. Will definitely help people though – oddly would have saved me about 30k back in the day for a stupid lapse on my part. It is nannystate, but the argument is a lot of 26 yr olds need nannys.

I think the medicare tax bumps for higher income people ($250K+) take effect right away. That will get nixed as soon as Republicans can nix it. Pure partisian play, but this has to get paid for, even theoretically, somehow, and Dems will take a shot at the better off when they can.

Children now cannot be turned down from parent’s insurance for a pre-existing condition. Hard to argue from a compassion standpoint, but I have no idea how that works economically for the providers.

The problem with medical insurance is it is still based on the 1950’s (or 1650’s really) mutual pool idea, which was fine when everyone had a whole lot less information and we were shifting risk against the unknown. Now that healthy people opt out and insurance companies know to the dollar and day almost how long each of us will last, we need to readdress things. I like to gamble, and I don’t mind the house having an advantage, but I don’t like taking bets against modern actuaries on my health. I don’t know the answer here.

I can’t remember what else goes into effect right away. I suspect I will post more. Maybe even share links of substance.


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